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Rain Records.

Rain Records software package.

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The Rain Records software package is designed to allow you to enter the amount of rain that falls by date, and then analyse that data by producing graphs and statistics.

Data entry screen:

Simply specify the Year and Month for which data is to be entered at the top of the screen (which defaults to the current month). Then type in rainfall figures, and whether  a frost occurred. You can optionally type in temperature Min & Max figures, and general comments about the weather.

Click on "Display Charts and Graphs" at the top of the above screen, and the following will be displayed:

Data Charting Screen:

Enter date ranges, or the Year of interest, and then click on "Display/Print Graph (or Chart)". A report will then be displayed on the screen for printing, or just viewing.

Multiple rain recording sites.

There is a version of the software available to store records for multiple sites. You can purchase a license for this version after you have downloaded the "free" version of the software, which only manages one site.

Click here to download the free software...

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