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Download Cattle Fattening Records software update.

Version 12 : Windows 7 / 8 / 10  -   Cattle & Feed Systems Update  ( Dated 23/02/2023 )

Registered Users can download the latest version of their Cattle system software by contacting Support at

- This update is only applicable to existing Users of the software.
- Make sure Cattle Fattening Records is not running on your computer while you are doing this update.

To install the update, click on     Cattle System Update

Depending on the Browser you are using, you will be offered an option to Run or Open the file just downloaded. Click on Run or Open and the update will commence running.

Note that some Browsers will automatically save the file (CFR_Update_V13.exe) in your Downloads folder.

If you were not given the options of RUN or OPEN, start Windows Explorer (hold down the "Windows" key and type E). Click on the folder where you saved the file, and a list of files stored in that folder will be shown in the right hand half of the screen. Double click on the file which you just downloaded (e.g. CFR_Update_V13.exe) ,  and the update will commence running.

Assuming you used all defaults when the system was originally installed, just click on  Next  on each screen until the update is complete. If you did not originally install the software into the default folder (C:\CattleRecords_PG), be sure to specify the correct folder when prompted.

Download Crystal Report Viewer  here. (As directed by Software Support)