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Download Password Storage Utility :

  1. Click  here  to download and install the Password Storage utility.
  2. When the download dialog screen appears, click on Run (or Open on older versions of Internet Explorer).
  3. Just click on "Next" on each of the software install screens to accept all defaults.
  4. The installation process will leave an icon on your PC Desktop screen. Click on this icon to start the software.
  5. When the software runs, just click on Help to get a description of the software and how to use it.















Password Storage utility.

This application uses deep cryptography to store user names and passwords in your computer for all those web sites that require such information, but are sometimes hard to remember. You can also use it to store PIN numbers, and any other secret information.

All you need to remember is one numeric "key" code that will be used by the cryptography. When you enter the correct key code, your existing user names and passwords will show in a list. If an invalid key code is entered, the lists will just show spurious unreadable characters. This key code is not stored in your computer, just in your head.

Your unique key code is entered by clicking on labeled boxes. By clicking on boxes, you are not typing anything into the computer. Thus "phishing" software that may be hiding in your computer cannot pick up what has been entered, because the keyboard has not been touched. The boxes on which you click are also shown in random fashion, meaning there is no logical order that phishing software could use to work out what you have "typed".

You must always use the same key code for the encryption. If you want to change the key code, you must un-install the software, re-install it, and re-enter all your user number and password data. This safety measure is in place for obvious reasons.

Having entered your key code, you can
          - Enter and store new User Number / Password details.
          - Look up the user number / password details for a web site etc.

To look up a User Number / Password, simply select the web site (or whatever nickname you have given it) from the drop down list. Doing this will show the password, and put it into your clipboard. Consequently when you are on the web page that is prompting for a password, right click on the password box on that page and select "Paste" from the screen prompts that will be displayed. 

Data storage.
Your data is stored in a small text file in your computer. If you have a look in this file, all you will see is strings of letters and numbers. These numbers do not hide the password - they hide the encrypted password. So even if this file falls into criminal hands, they have no way of decrypting the data without your unique key code, even if they have the relevant software.

The software is supplied as a "Demo" version, allowing no more than 2 entries to be stored on file. Contact Possum Gully Software at richard@possumgully.net if you would like to purchase a license to allow unlimited entries. Supply your contact details, and the Serial Number of the software as shown in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. A Registration code will be supplied which matches this serial number.

Cost $35 inc GST. 

You can make payments by using a credit card through PayPal