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Wage Book.

The Wage Book computer software package is designed for the Agricultural environment, and provides a simple and straightforward system for calculating and recording employee Payment and Holiday Records. When an employee's pay has been calculated by the system, a pay slip may be printed, and the record is then stored on file. Various Reports may then be printed listing all payment records for a specified period (month, year etc.). to assist in the preparation of PAYE and Superannuation returns.

Rates of Pay

The system caters for piece rates, hourly and daily rates, as well as Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly pay periods. Non standard deductions and allowances may also be entered for inclusion in Net Pay calculations. Each wage calculation can be dissected into pre-defined Cost Centres as required. Special sections are available for Shearing staff and Fruit Picker wages. Standard shearing and Fruit Picking rates of pay are stored in a computer file, which can be changed as required.

Tax calculation

Tax coefficients as supplied by the Australian Taxation office are stored in a file in the computer, including special rates for shearers. These coefficients can be changed as tax rates change. (The Tax Office will supply updated tax coefficients on request, or they can be supplied by Possum Gully Software through Email). Note that these are not Tax "Tables", but short lists of decimal numbers that are used by the system automatically depending on the employee's Tax Declaration Form. The system is supplied with current tax co-efficients pre-installed.


Employee superannuation is calculated at a percentage rate for each employee as specified by the paymaster. This will assist in completing superannuation returns. There is also a facility to record Employee Superannuation contributions.

Example screen for paying a Shearer:


A report listing all pay records over a specified period can be printed on demand. Sheep totals will also be printed for Shearing staff records, plus a total of sheep shorn and crutched. (Useful for Shearing Contractors). Individual reports can also be printed for a given employee. Reports can also be generated to assist in the completion of Superannuation and PAYE returns, and preparing Group Certificates. Totals by Cost Centres, as recorded when an employee's pay was entered, are also shown on this report for the period in question.

Package costs

The package runs under Windows, and retails for $395.00 + GST. Assistance with using the software is only a telephone call away.

Trial Version

A Trial Version can be posted out to you, complete with manual, or downloaded from this web site. This is the same as the "live" version, but limits you to two employees and ten wage records.


Click Farmer's Wage Book Trial to download a free Trial version of the package. Email Possum Gully Software later if you wish to register the system, (allowing limitless volumes of data), and to get the manual. You can also email Possum Gully for advice on using the demo version.

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