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Download  Camp Draft Software Update

Camp Draft software. V2.6.15

IMPORTANT: This update is only applicable to existing Users of the software. 
(click here to download the complete package)

  Download Camp Draft software  Update

To install the update, simply click on the "Download Camp Draft software Update" text shown above to download the Update file. Then specify a folder on your computer where the update file is to be saved. Ideally you should create a folder on your C: drive where updates to the system will be kept. You could call this folder “Camp Draft Updates”, for example. 

When the download is complete, you can install the Update in one of two ways:   

IMPORTANT: Before you do the following, make sure Camp Draft software is not running on your computer.

1). When the file transfer has completed, later versions of Windows will offer an option to OPEN the file just downloaded. Click on OPEN, and then click on Next in the dialogues that will be displayed.

2) Start Windows Explorer (hold down the "Windows" key and type E). Click on the folder where you saved the file, and a list of files stored in that folder will be shown in the right hand half of the screen. Double click on the file named CampDraft_Update.exe,  which you just downloaded , and the update will be installed.

Download the complete package.

IMPORTANT: Read the installation instructions before installing!.

Click on the file below and Choose Save when prompted. Select a folder on your computer where you will easily be able to locate the file later on.

 download CampDraft_Install.exe    (Windows XP 32 bit computers) 

 download CampDraft_Install_Win7.exe    (Windows 7, 8 computers) 

To find out if you have a 32 bit computer or a 64 bit computer, click on Start (in your task bar), followed by Control panel, followed by System.

 download Camp Draft software manual.

When the download is complete, use Windows Explorer to locate CampDraft_Install.exe  in the folder you selected above. Double click on this file and the installation will commence.

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