(Note: Why not print this screen, so you can refer to it during installation?)

Installing the Camp Draft competition software package.

Download the installation file from the Internet (previous screen)

Use Windows Explorer to find the file you have downloaded from the internet named "CAMPDRAFT_INSTALL.EXE"  or  CAMPDRAFT_INSTALL_WIN7.EXE  and double click on it. The installation process will now start. 

The “Welcome” screen basically means that you should not be running any other software while this installation is being done. To ensure this is the case, do this installation immediately after turning your computer on. If you using the computer prior to doing this installation, shut it down and then start it up again.

NOTE: You can install the software immediateley on Windows 7 and later version computers.

If nothing else is running on the computer, click on Next > . Otherwise click on Cancel , and restart the computer. Then repeat this installation process.

The next screen to be displayed, “Choose Destination Location”, will ask you the name of the folder on your computer where the software is to be stored. Accept what is offered by clicking your mouse on Next > .

The next screen that will be displayed, “Set Program Shortcuts”, is basically asking how you want the software to be displayed on your Program Groups (displayed when you click on Start on the “Desktop”). Just click on Next >.

The next screen, “Confirm Setup Settings”, will summarise the installation process. Just click on Next >.

The files required by Windows to operate the software will now go through an installation process. A screen  will be displayed to show the progress. This will take a minute or so.

When the installation is complete, an appropriate message will be displayed. Click on OK.

Check the system Date format.

You may want to check that your Windows system is set up for short date formats i.e. dd/mm/yy

Do this as follows: 
From the Windows Desktop, click on Start, then on Settings, then on Control Panel . Now double click on Regional Settings. Click on the Date tab. Now click on the down arrow at the end of the Short Date Style option, and select dd/MM/yy (or mm/dd/yy) . Then click on the command box labelled OK at the bottom of the window. From now on the system will show dates in "short date" format.

Starting the system. 
Double click your mouse on the Camp Draft shortcut icon on the Windows Desktop.


Click on Start, then Programs, then Camp Draft .

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