Possum Gully Software.

     Providing software that is both useful from a management point of view, and practical from a data collection point of view.

About us...

 Richard Conibear, the founder of Possum Gully Software, spent 12 years in the IT industry, followed by 18 years on the land breeding cattle for feed lots and producing merino wool. Being from a rural background, he understands how tough it can be on the land, and understands the continual battle to keep costs down. Hence the incredibly good value on the software available.

The Cattle Fattening Records package (our flagship product) originated when the company was contracted to write software for a major feedlot in Northern NSW in the late eighties. This software has continued to evolve over the years to what it is today, and is now used by a number of major (and smaller) feedlots and fattening operations throughout Australia.

The Rain Records software (free!) allows you to record rainfall, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures, and the occurrences of frosts. The system generates rainfall graphs over specified periods, temperature graphs, etc etc.